Strategic Alliances Allows For 
Additional Services

In an effort to provide more full-service advice to our clients, we have expanded our services through a strategic alliance with national expert/consumer advocate Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP.

Roccy is able to help our clients with asset protection, reducing income taxes, reducing or eliminating stock market risk, protecting from long-term care expenses, corporate structuring, and many more issues.

Complimentary Asset Protection Review

Through our strategic alliance with Roccy, he will perform an asset protection review of our clients’ personal situations as well as their business operations.

If you are like most, you know that your asset protection plan is not complete (and most people’s plans are woefully incomplete).

An incomplete asset protection plan means your assets are exposed to creditors (negligence lawsuits, taxes, stock market downturns, and LTC expenses).

We suggest our clients start with an overall asset protection review.  However, if you have a pressing question that you’d like to ask Roccy, you can feel free to email him at or give him at call at 269-216-9978.

This review would normally cost $750, but through our agreement with Roccy, he will perform this review at NO cost to our clients.

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